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Pacific Theatres started its first swap meet at The Orange Drive-in in 1965 (1963) and continued opening (at) it's other drive-in sites (for the next 25 years.). (During the mid 80's, Pacific Theatres had 15 swap meets operating in the western United States.) (Due to escalating real estate values, most of these drive-in/swap meet sites have been developed and converted to other uses.)

One (notable) exception is Pacific's Vineland Drive-in/Swap Meet located in The City of Industry. This drive-in has been operating every evening since 1955. Beginning in 1985 The Vineland Swap Meet opened its door for business on Saturday and Sunday. The swap meet expanded to seven days a week in 1993. (The success of these two businesses keeps the property active virtually 24 hours per day and has pushed any possible development scenarios to the distant future.)

Pacific Theatres can boast that it has the largest "chain" of swap meets in California. There are four located in LA/Orange County and one in Modesto. In addition to the California swap meets we have one located in Hawaii.

Over the past five years we have become "experts" at relocating swap meets. Locations we have successfully moved over the last five years are Anaheim/Orange, Azusa, and Fiesta. We have accomplished these moves by creatively working with locations and cities to make them "partners" in a successful operation.

Pacific Theatres is a "major player" in the California Swap Meet business. We are well known and respected among our peers.

The San Fernando Swap Meet has been in business for more than 35 years, in the beautiful City of San Fernando...
This Drive-in movie theatre has been open nearly 50 years with the swap meet opening in 1984...
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